Bellevue Youth Link
The Bellevue Youth Link website was a community service project completed by a small team that I worked with.  I was responsible for adapting the mockups and redlines from the graphic designer into working HTML, CSS, JavaScript wireframes and website templates. The other members of the team contributed content for the pages. Overall the project was a great success that got positive feedback from the Youth Link staff; and the new website will be used by the Bellevue Youth Link staff in the very near future.  

Bellevue Youth Link Template
From 2005 - 2008 I was the Webmaster for the Alaska SeaLife Center located in Seward, Alaska. For this project I designed, maintained, and administered the Alaska SeaLife Center’s website.  I was also involved with producing content from conception to launch and worked with creative teams to develop content. Managed multiple simultaneous design and development projects. Built dynamic MySQL databases and used PHP to display the information with a web front end. Designed and developed the front end look and feel of the website including the UI.
North Gulf Oceanic Society
From April 2009 - January 2010 I was the Webmaster for Alaska Whale Sightings located in Seward and Homer, Alaska. This was a freelance contract where I designed and administered the Alaska Whale Sightings website. I also designed the current Alaska Whale Sightings logo. A requirment for this project was to have a MySQL backend that was easily updated. I developed an administrator portion of the site using PHP, to easily allow administrators update the current database.
From July 2006- July 2008 I was the Webmaster for located in Redmond, Washington. This was a freelance contract where I designed and administered the website. For this project I developed custom galleries using Lightbox, for the artist to display their work.